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9th December 15

Congratulations to our group of Year 8 pupils at BGA who have finished their first term of “Play & Learn”. Spirit of Squash coach Daniel Henderson commented that some of the pupils are starting to show real promise on the squash court and they seem to thrive on the competitive nature of the game but also appreciate the fitness it brings and understand the need to play within the rules in a fair way.

We plan to offer more places in January, start an additional project with Year 7 pupils, and launch at a new venue in Islington as well.

A big thank you to our supporters, our coaches, to Paul Fennell who has run the project, our pupils and of course our partners at BGA. Happy Christmas to you all.

‘PLAY & LEARN’ GIVES EAST END CHILDREN NEW OPPORTUNITIES and pushes Spirit of Squash’s ambition to new levels for 2015/16

16th July 15

14 pupils and their parents/guardians, along with teachers from the Bethnal Green Academy in Tower Hamlets, yesterday enjoyed a celebration with Spirit of Squash to recognise their achievements in completing the first Spirit of Squash “Play & Learn” programme.

Unique to Spirit of Squash at secondary school level, the new project represents a first for the UK, taking place on school squash courts and offering pupils weekly squash sessions alongside academic study in numeracy and literacy. Based on the successful American Urban Squash model, Spirit of Squash established a partnership with the Bethnal Green Academy earlier this year in order to run a pilot six week programme with a selection of Year 7 pupils.

The final week and celebration saw parents and guardians join their sons and daughters on the squash court followed by refreshments, awards and presentations. Pupils gave their own presentations about squash and the six week course, either individually or in small groups of 2 and 3.

The pilot has been a resounding success and all 14 pupils have been offered places for the whole of the academic year starting in September. Additionally a group of new Year 7 pupils will be starting after the first half-term in October.

Paul Fennell, Operations and Development Manager, for Spirit of Squash commented: This programme is first and foremost about supporting the improvement of academic standards in children and then providing them with additional life skills for their future. Squash helps provide the focus and skills to support their studies and is of course a fantastic sport for improving health, fitness and general well-being. Our aspiration is to grow the programme year on year at the Bethnal Green Academy and also to start other programmes in some of the most deprived boroughs in London and around the country.

Spirit of Squash would like to thank the Bethnal Green Academy and its staff and teachers for their enthusiasm and support. We would also like to thank Sam Miller and Eye Rackets – our equipment partner for the “Play & Learn” programme.

If you are interested in finding out more about our programmes please contact James Sandwith – If you or your business would like to become a Spirit of Squash benefactor contributing directly to the expansion of our “Play & Learn” programme, please get in touch right away.